Alumnae Experience

Messages from some of our lovely Alumnae

Carly Hilton: Every leadership position I held, every friendship I made, and every person in the chapter has essentially helped me become who I am today. Because of Lambda Beta, I am a better sister, friend, daughter, and colleague. I am currently residing in Myrtle Beach and working in revenue, thinking about going back to get my Master's. I am trying my best to navigate through life after college, because it's not always an easy adjustment. I will always be thankful for Sigma Kappa, the friendships I made, and for the four values that I will carry with me through every chapter of my life. 

Madison Ridings: Sigma Kappa is the reason I am the person that I am today. This chapter taught me leadership and loyalty. These two qualities are what drive me to be my best self, not to mention it looks good on a resume! I am now able to go out into my field of work with confidence and the knowledge that my sisters always have my back. It's a great feeling to be a Sigma Kappa for life. 

Jordan Mathias: Sigma Kappa instilled core values in me that shaped me into a woman that I'm proud to be - in life, relationships, and my workplace. Since graduation, I've been working for a property management company and I find myself using what our sorority has taught me everyday. Sigma Kappa showed me the importance of communication, the value of honesty/accountability, and the significance of confidence. Not to mention lifelong friendships! I still keep in contact and travel with sisters I'm lucky enough to call my best friends, no matter the distance. 

Lauren Swank: I have an internship right now in event planning that I'm hoping will lead to a job at the end of May! Sigma Kappa definitely taught me to work hard, be a leader, and to live to the fullest every day. Everything Sigma Kappa taught me I take with me each day.

Amelia Smith: Sigma Kappa has taught me to be a better version of myself and a better woman overall. I learned how to be more patient, kinds, transparent, and a leader in all different aspects of my life. I currently reside in Charlotte, NC working at a behavioral interventionist in a clinic where I provide psychological developmental care to children with autism. One the side, I am on the advisory board for the Sigma Kappa chapter and UNC Charlotte. These qualities are helping me thrive in this job. I'm thankful everyday for what Sigma Kappa has taught me and the lifelong friendships I made. 

Danielle Ferrerr: I cannot adequately explain how grateful I am for all that Sigma Kappa has given me. Three years and a lifetime of memories. Sigma Kappa taught me to be a better leader, a friend and most importantly gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. Today I live in New York City and work as an accountant in Manhattan. I use the skills and values that Sigma Kappa taught me both in my personal life as well as my professional life daily. I look forward to reconnecting with a Sigma Kappa chapter in New York soon. 

Maria Danielle: Long story short, the experience of Sigma Kappa has taught me more life lessons than I could ever imagine. It's taught me that true friendship isn't seeing each other everyday, it's choosing to be there for a friend or sister no matter what. It's taught me hard work truly pays off, even if everyone else doesn't see the amount of effort and time put into a project. Sigma Kappa has taught me that not everyone you meet has the same intentions you do, and that's okay. But most importantly, it has taught me the true strength a woman has. When that strength is used collaboratively, you can change the world. I am currently fulfilling my dream in becoming a teacher. The lessons I learned from Sigma Kappa has given me the strength, knowledge, patience, and courage to continue pushing every single day to become a better version of myself. 

Christiana Papanastasiou: Sigma Kappa prepared me immensely for more than I could ever realized in my collegian days. It opened so many doors for me, gave me confidence, developed my leadership skills, turned me into a philanthropist, provided support, taught me efficient problem solving, and gave me lifelong sisterhood and friendships. As an involved alumna, Sigma Kappa continues to push me and challenge me in the best possible ways.